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Membership Spotlight: Mark Beaver

Sunday, November 7, 2021 By: Paul J. Cynkar
Advancing the Leadership Mindset
Finding Success in the Success of Others
Paul Cynkar, October 2021
This is another in a series of member profiles based on discovery interviews that were designed to get an up close view of the traits and strengths of the members who provide leadership to this organization.
Membership Spotlight: Mark Beaver
Relationship Builder, Discerning, Trustworthy

Tell us about yourself.  Give us three facts that include information about your family, your career and your pastimes.
I grew up in Huntsburg Ohio which is in Geauga County about an hour east of Cleveland.  After high school I enrolled at The Ohio State University and majored in personal financial planning.  I’ve been married to my wife, Sarah for five years and we have two three-year-old boys and another boy soon on the way.  I work at Keeler and Nadler Family Wealth in Dublin.  We are involved with financial planning, tax planning and estate planning. With two small boys I don’t have a lot of time to spare but I like to describe myself as a “serial hobbyist”.  I play the guitar and drums, listen to music, and enjoy sports, photography and dabble in many other things.

How long have you belonged to Rotary?  What’s the best thing about membership?
I’ve been in Rotary for two and a half years. I am a social person and building relationships is the best thing for me.  I like being involved in projects and with other organizations.  Rotary is truly a great outlet for me.

As you look back on your life and your career, where and when did you have the biggest impact on others?  Who was impacted and how?
I really enjoy returning to campus as a guest lecturer and/or mentor to undergraduate students.  I like helping them understand the profession they are getting themselves into and what to expect.  I have also assumed a leadership role within our organization which requires the ability and responsibility to motivate and manage others.  These are vital activities for the firm as they promote individual, team and company culture and engagement.

As you look back, which of the opportunities you’ve had has been the most fulfilling to you personally?  Why?
I really enjoy being in a consultative role.  I’m good at analyzing situations, studying the issues to determine the causes and working with others to create a plan to move forward. I like to consider where things are, where we want them to be and how to get there.  Being helpful in this manner is very fulfilling to me.

Describe the most challenging project you’ve ever worked on.  What was your role?  What was the result?  What did you learn?
For the most part financial advising is an intentional profession based on planning and risk reduction.  There are challenges but we prepare for them.  That said, I recall a situation several years ago that involved a large client relationship.  This was a large business client and we advised them to shop our services around.  It turns out that they felt like they were becoming a large firm and at that time decided to hire very large firms to consult them – including one that would take our place. It was difficult at the time, especially because we thought they were making a mistake (still do). But in retrospect, we could have just left things alone and not suggested they shop around, but that wouldn’t have been the right thing to do. We also learned that you can’t take these things too personally, and that we can’t be all things to all people.

What are some things you are passionate about?  What really excites you? What gets your adrenalin flowing?  What makes your heart sing?
I truly enjoying being around other people.  I find that to be energy giving rather than energy taking. So, I could be doing just about anything with friends and family, and I will be excited about it.  I especially like doing things to help others. I also enjoy trying new things; going to place I’ve never been, meeting someone new, trying a new restaurant, etc.

What are you especially skilled at?  What is something that others often tell you that they think makes you stand out?
As a kid I wanted people to see me as good at everything, but that can lead you to be a “jack of all trades, master of none.”  But early on, I found that others would come to me for advice on random things. My parents would ask me what car they should get (before I could drive), my church asked for my advice on what audio equipment to buy. I think they knew I’d do my homework and help them make a good decision. Today, I think my two primary skills are building trust with others and helping them make sound decisions. Two things that are really important in what I do.
When you have a moment to sit back and think (dream) about your future, what do you think about?  What things would you like to do in your life that you haven’t gotten around to yet?  Is there something else you would like to accomplish?
This is a really good question and one I should ask myself regularly. I have a tendency to “daydream” about how our firm can grow, what it could become and what the culture might be. Those are great things and in a way, I feel a responsibility to be continually improving professionally. However, I always have to remind myself that my accomplishments are not my identity. I never want my professional aspirations to hinder my relationship with my family or prioritizing them. It’s something I’ll always need to balance, but at the end of the day, I’d rather people say I was a loving and caring person to many more than boosting about my business acumen.

If you could choose anyone (alive or deceased) to have lunch with, who would it be? Why?
Tricky question, but I’ll give it a shot! First, as a follower of Jesus, it would be impossible not to say Him. If I could live my life 1% more like Him, it would make a huge impact. I know a lot of people my answer that way, so I can pick someone else. There isn’t someone that really stands out, and this isn’t a great answer, but I’d pick Jack Black. I just think it would be really fun and he seems like someone I could be friends with. His style of humor is something I find hilarious (I love School of Rock and Nacho Libre)! Our musical tastes seem to line up well also. I think it would be a really fun lunch!

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