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Poinsettia Sale Ends Tuesday, December 1 –Support Is Needed to Reach Goal and for Order Pick-Up Proc

Friday, November 27, 2020 By: John Butterfield
The deadline is fast approaching to order poinsettias, one of the club’s seasonal fund-raising projects. Tuesday, December 1, at noon is the last day to place an order. Nearly 400 plants have already been ordered, about 100 shy of this year’s goal. Last year 53 members sold more than 700 plants. Plants are priced at $12 per plant, the same as last year. For an order of 10 or more, the price is $10 per poinsettia. Color choices are red, white, pink and cream/pink mix. In addition to buying plants for family, friends and business clients or inviting others to purchase plants, members are also encouraged to purchase plants for residents in area nursing homes. Last year 19 members donated 61 poinsettias for these individuals. 

It’s easy for members to place their orders. Just click on this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12F5k2l81TSsDkmWvyRwN725MbrDXvKY2/edit. Then find your name on the member list and record your order, indicating the color of the plants, total plants ordered and total dollar amount. Include in your order plants donated for nursing home residents. 

The order pick-up day for plants is Wednesday, December 9, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Steve Payerle's office, 400 W. Wilson Bridge Rd. Pick-up will be "drive-thru" style with one volunteer stationed outside the building to direct club members as they arrive. Other volunteers stationed in the building will bring out and load plant orders so members can remain safely in their car. Masks will be required for all. Members can arrive anytime during the pick-up hours; however, those with orders of more than 20 plants are asked to schedule a time in advance. 

Volunteers are needed for four, 2-hour shifts, according to the following schedule: 9:45 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.; 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.; 1:15 p.m. to 3:15 p.m.; and 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. The goal is to have a minimum of three volunteers per shift to ensure the safety of both those helping with delivery and those picking up orders.

To schedule a large order pick-up or to volunteer, contact Christie Bruffy at 614-746-7286 or Christie@highlinecoffeeco.com. 

Thanks to the following members for coordinating this year’s project: Christie Bruffy, Jim Miller, Mike Moulton, Dick Ollila and Steve Payerle. Top salespersons last year were: Bill Shantz, Dick Ollila, Darnell Perkins and Teresa Russell. 

Caption:  Residents at 10 area nursing homes were recipients of poinsettias donated last year by club members. Here, John Butterfield shows a plant to Zallaca Romero, director of Highbanks Care Center.


Service Above Self - The food drive we held to benefit our neighbors was a huge success

Friday, November 27, 2020 By: Jerry A. Katz

The food drive we held to benefit our neighbors that visit the Dublin Food Pantry and the Worthington Resource Pantry was a huge success. We collected nearly a TON of food and personal items and nearly $1,000 in cash. While it was a dreary day for us it was a bright day for our neighbors.

Thanks to our volunteers:
Tara Burchett-Maxwell (Captain) and family, Jennifer Heasley, Christie Bruffy, Darnell Perkins (Captain), Joe Patchen, Ann Pechacek, George Norris, Candy Brooks, Teresa Russell (Captain) and family, Dave Kittredge, Tim Moats, Mike Moulton (Captain), Alan Zink, Susan Coady, Roger Johnson, Dave Hansen (Captain), Andrew Saneholtz and son, Wynn Wiksell, Jim Miller and Dave's neighbor Percy Vera.

A special thanks to the captains and Christie Bruffy. Christie had flyers at Highline Coffee for a week or so and folks took them and returned to the store on Saturday to donate. Reports are that there was a steady stream of cars from 10 to 11:30. Some donors saw the signage, went to the grocery and returned to donate. 

This was a good event for us to do and plans are to continue on some kind of schedule. Stay tuned for opportunties to be of "Service above Self".

Donations to Club’s Foundation, Service Projects and Causes Increase

Friday, November 27, 2020 By: John Butterfield
When the club’s board of directors offered dues relief to members due to the financial impact of the coronavirus on many families, nearly half of the club’s members chose to increase their contributions to help others as a result.
At its September 17 meeting, the board waived the collection of first-quarter dues, giving members a credit amounting to $85 or 25 percent of the standard annual dues of $340, to demonstrate the board’s concern about the possible impact of COVID-19 on members’ finances. 

Subsequently, Tom Reis, president of the club’s foundation, sent a message to members asking them to consider donating all or a portion of those dues to the foundation, which is a 501(c)(3) organization. Tom indicated that the foundation expected to receive many more requests for assistance due to the pandemic and its financial resources are limited. The club’s foundation primarily provides financial support to local families experiencing short-term emergencies.  

Club Executive Assistant Jennifer Best told board members at the November 19 meeting that as a result of the dues waiver, 39 members contributed a total of $3,375, with about 75 percent of these contributions going to the foundation for emergency assistance. The remainder was donated to support the Worthington Resource Pantry, Rotary International, Dominican Republic vocational school scholarships and funds in memory of Bill Shantz. 

In addition to these contributions, members donated to two other club fund-raising efforts in the past month. Thirty-nine members contributed $1,447 to the Pours for Polio Plus drive, surpassing the goal of $1,200. Some attended a special RAH RAH on October 20 with an admission of $25 per person.

Furthermore, 27 members have already contributed $860 to the club’s Adopt-A-Family Holiday drive. The goal is $1,800. Normally, members buy clothing and other gifts for two area families for Christmas, but because of COVID, financial donations are now being sought.

Jennifer indicated that a total of 51 members or 63 percent of the club’s membership added donations onto their first quarter invoice to one or more causes. “This special financial effort demonstrates that club members really do take seriously our club motto of ‘Service Above Self’,” Jennifer said. “Their donations will be used to help others during these difficult times.”

November 18, 2020 Virtual Club Meeting -

Friday, November 20, 2020 By: Bonnie Beth Mitchell
President Jim Miller called the meeting 15th meeting of the 46th year to order at Noon. 35 people attended. Shirley Lambert offered the invocation and led the pledge of allegiance. Vice-President Steve Payerle noted that there were no visitors or guests.  

HAPPY Dollars:
  • Court Chapman reported that, April, an international scholarship winner, friend and anchor for Chinese news in LA had called to wish him a happy 91st birthday.
  • Peggy Murgatroyd reported that her granddaughter is well after being in a terrible auto accident and that a grandson has reported for assignment at an air force base in California.
  • Jennifer Best was happy to have spent last weekend with her granddaughter.
  • Shirley Lambert reported that Judy Barnhart is recovering from kidney surgery.
  • Connie Hendren reported that she is happy to have located an old pair of glasses since she stepped on her regular ones.
  • Steve Payerle reported that there would NOT be a poll this week.
  • Shirley Lambert asked members to send her an email or text message about item/s they will submit for the online auction.
  • Peggy Murgatroyd reported on the Christmas for children project. There are 9 children ranging from 4 to 17. Funds are needed to buy gift cards to the given to the parents. Peggy has also bought stockings for each child which will be stuffed with goodies. A request has been made to the Board to money for food. 
  • Dick Ollila asked members to fill in the online order form for their poinsettia orders. So far over 100 have been ordered, but he hopes to have 4 or 5 hundred. Orders are due on Dec 2 and pickup is December 9. Volunteers are needed for the pickup day.
  • Jim Miller noted that the Food Pantry collection in both Worthington and Dublin is this weekend.
  • Joe Patchen noted that his committee is looking for recommendations for future speakers.
  • The Communication Committee is meeting this Friday and will welcome additional members. Contact Steve Payerle if you are interested.
Sue Cody introduced her friend and neighbor, Cheryl Achterberg as today’s speaker. Cheryl, most recently, was Dean of the College of Education and Human Ecology at OSU from which she retired 2 years ago.  Now her interest is the umbrella topic of Dementia which includes Alzheimer’s since for more than 10 years she has been a caregiver for someone with dementia. Screen sharing her presentation, she noted that dementia has 3 stages – mild -- when someone is a little mixed up,  moderate --  when one someone loses their temper, ability to drive or wonders, and severe -- when basic functions degenerate and brain cells are damaged or killed. Is some loses memory and it comes back, that is not a sign of dementia. She described by picture, plaques and tangles which affect the nerves and detected with brain scans. The disease is so serious that it affects the entire family. It is perhaps the greatest social, medical, economic, scientific, philosophic and ethical challenge of our times. It is also VERY expensive – US spends 5.8 M dollars per year and worldwide 50 M is spent. Costs for nursing home or outside help for home care costs $9-10,000 per month and insurance doesn’t help much. In 2018, 122,019 people died which was 6th on the list of causes of death. Research is underfunded. Currently over 40% of people over 85 who have died of COVID also had dementia.

Prevention – look after your heart, get physical exercise, eat a healthy diet, challenge your brain with music, enjoy social activity, wear hearing aids if proscribed, treat depression, get quality sleep, decrease stress, and avoid blows to the head. For more info, check out her blog at www.cherylachterberg.net or find more information at  www.alz.org/centralohio.  Also give what you can financially and emotionally. During the question and answer period, she suggested that we take a B12 vitamin every day and that the sweet spot for coffee drinking is 3 cups per day.

After thanking the speaker, Jim Miller lead members through the Four Way test.  He also announced that no meeting will be held next week since Thanksgiving is the next day. The meeting ended at 1:05 PM.   Members were encouraged to stay for some chatting and more questions for the speaker.

Click the image below to play the video


Member News

Friday, November 20, 2020 By: John Butterfield
Judy Barnhart is recuperating at home after spending nearly three weeks in a Florida hospital and a rehabilitation facility, following kidney-stone surgery. Judy started experiencing sharp abdominal pain on October 28 and went to emergency room two days later. A CAT scan indicated three kidney stones and complications ensued following surgery. Judy spent eight days in the hospital and eight days as inpatient in rehabilitation with four physical therapy or occupational therapy sessions per day. She went home on November 12. Spouse Pete says Judy still faces more outpatient rehab and surgery follow-up in the next four weeks. She’s building stamina each day.

Cards may be sent to Judy at: 1355 S Portofino Drive, #301, Sarasota, Florida 34242. Email addresses are: Judy, judyb1776@gmail.com; Pete, pwcbbanana@gmail.com.


Former club member and charter member Bill Keaney passed away on November 15. He was 83 years old. He had not been a member for a number of years. Bill was one of 35 members who founded our club on September 9, 1974. At the time he was the president of an electrical equipment company.  He wife Sharon died in March.

Five charter members of our club are current members. They are:  Frank Dunbar, Lou Goorey, John Jacob, Sam Milliron, and Dick Ollila.


2020 Poinsettia Sale

Friday, November 20, 2020 By: James Thomas Miller

Fellow Rotarians,

Let’s make this Poinsettia Sale one of our best ever! Order Your Poinsettias Today! The form is a tool for your use in collecting potential sales, you are not required to use it. To record your official sales totals go to the link to our spreadsheet which lists all our members and fill in beside your name, your totals of each plant color sold, the total plants and the total dollar amount. Please be aware that for orders of 10 plants or more there is a sale price of $10.00 instead of $12.00. The spread sheet can be updated by you at any time. Please make sure it is accurate as you update it. It is our official document that will be used for billing and delivery of plants.

Please do not send copies of flyers to me, they are just for your use. 
Link to the Club spreadsheet (click on blue text)   https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12F5k2l81TSsDkmWvyRwN725MbrDXvKY2/edit


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