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July 15th Virtual Club Meeting - John Lowe - The Evolution of Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream

Thursday, August 6, 2020 By: Christie Bruffy
The noon meeting opened with our new president, Jim Miller, acknowledging the first meeting of our club's 45th year. Following an invocation by Shirley Lambert and the Pledge of Allegiance, Alan Grossman introduced a guest, Dennis Lee, Director of Business Development for Century Global Technologies. Dennis recently moved to the area and decided to check out the club after finding us on the internet as he is interested in helping people.

Alan then paid tribute to our friend and fellow rotarian, Bill Shantz, who passed recently after being diagnosed with melanoma cancer. Sergeant Steve Payerle then shared a beautiful photo presentation of our memories with Bill. Alan announced plans for a memorial to be held on Wednesday, July 29th at 3:00 pm at the Westerville Bible Church. Masks will be required, and proper social distancing will be followed.

Our president then introduced our speaker, John Lowe, CEO of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams.

John led us through his journey that began as a friendship with Jeni Britton Bauer, founder and Chief Creative Officer of Jeni's. This relationship led to the offer of CEO, a new but much-needed position, where he has been able to grow the company from 4 local scoop shops to over 40 nationwide in his 10 years. He has faced many ups and downs during that time, both professionally and personally, including the listeria outbreak in 2015, and now the pandemic. Through complete transparency and the faith of financial backers, Jeni's has been able to retain the trust and support of its loyal customers through it all. As they currently face decreased sales in their brick and mortar stores, resulting in furloughs and pay cuts, their e-commerce and wholesale business are strong, making survival possible. John is very optimistic about Jeni's future and can't wait to "get back at it" and continue to grow.

The meeting concluded with the recitation of The Four Way Test.

July 22 Virtual Club Meeting - Alicia Nesline Shaw - Employment Law: What Employers Should Consider

Thursday, August 6, 2020 By: Christie Bruffy
President Jim Miller called the meeting to order just after noon as some members were engaged in a conversation regarding the Worthington City School District's recently announced plan for the start of school this fall. Bob Hanson gave the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance. President-Elect and today's Sergeant, Steve Payerle, then introduced club guest Dennis Lee, who had attended our last virtual meeting as well. Dennis recently moved to the area and is a prospective member.

Following tradition, club members made their "Happy Dollar" announcements:

  • President Jim Miller shared that he participated in the FORE! Miler- a 4-mile road race open to runners and walkers benefiting Nationwide Children's Hospital, in association with the Memorial golf tournament. This year's event was virtual, where registrants could participate anytime between July 9-19. Jim placed 1st in his age bracket of 70 and older.
  • Connie Hendren reported that she had become very ill while on vacation recently and that a COVID test thankfully came back negative.
  • Dave Hansen announced that his grandson has decided to take a year off from college to travel to Japan where he hopes to learn the language.
  • Jerry Katz announced that his grandson, a rugby player, has undergone knee surgery for an injury sustained over 4 years ago. A bone chip was actually found and returned to its original location. Rehabilitation is expected to last @4 months.


  • Alan Grossman gave a reminder of the memorial service planned for Bill Shantz on Wednesday, July 29 at 3pm at the Westerville Bible Church, 2665 W Schrock Rd., Westerville, 43081. Masks will be required, and social distancing guidelines will be followed.
  • Steve then gave an update on the Communications Committee, sharing that there are currently 5 members. The next meeting is planned for Friday, July 24 at 8:00am, and there was a call for more club members to join the committee or to at least share their thoughts and ideas.
  • Joe Patchen announced that Brian Elder has stepped down as co-chair of the Speakers Committee, leaving Joe as the chair. His committee is also seeking more members, and we were reminded that the virtual format allows for speakers to present from literally anywhere (no pants required!) so we should all be thinking about who we know and/or who we would like to hear from in the future.

Joe then introduced his colleague and our speaker, Alicia Shaw, an employment law expert who spoke specifically about employment law in relation to the pandemic.

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August 05, 2020 Virtual Meeting - Eric Wittenberg - West Virginia Statehood and the Civil War

Thursday, August 6, 2020 By: Christie Bruffy
President Jim Miller welcomed everyone to the first morning meeting of the new Rotary year. There were several members that indicated previously that they preferred the early meetings, so this reflected a return to our original monthly schedule which offered half morning and half afternoon meeting times. Wynn Wiksell gave the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance.
President-Elect Steve Payerle then called for any “Happy Dollar” announcements:
  • Teresa Russell was happy to announce that her daughter made the varsity volleyball team yesterday and that their season was proceeding as planned this weekend.
  • Steve announced that he was preparing to go on vacation this Friday, alone, for one night to his hunting cabin.  He is “looking forward to some alone time to recharge”.
  • Dave Kittredge was happy that the International Services Committee had been able to help our Twin Club in the Dominican Republic assist the Barrio Lindo Medical/Dental Clinic in restoring water service. This was accomplished by helping them purchase an auxiliary water pump and roof top storage tank. The cost to us was around $400, $200 of which was funding already on deposit for another project that we diverted to this project so work could begin immediately.
  • Roe Mauro, a travel agent, has not been able to book a trip for a customer in 5 months, but she recently had the opportunity to assist someone with booking a trip to Hawaii in 2021.
  • Katie McCartney was happy that she was done with physical therapy following ankle surgery.
President Jim Miller called for any announcements:
  • Steve Payerle gave an update on the Communications Committee, with another call for additional members. Things are falling into place, and the first newsletter went out this week. He is optimistic as the committee solidifies tasks and scheduling for a smooth Rotary year.
  • President Jim Miller made the announcement for club members who may not have heard: the home of member Phil Giessler and his wife Carol had been destroyed by fire on Sunday, August 2, while they were away.  While the rebuilding process is expected to take at least 8 months, they are relying on the support of family, friends and neighbors.  On the evening of Tuesday, August 4, former club president, John Butterfield, notified the club via email, saying,” If you would like to comfort them as they deal with their loss, you may reach them at: philgiessler@camtaylor.com”.
  • Alan Grossman announced a call for help with the Membership Committee. He also noted that our annual Pizza for Polio fundraiser, which occurs in October, will need to be retooled due to the pandemic.  He would like us to think of alternative ways to raise funds this year.
  • Jim then thanked Alan for all of his hard work in planning the memorial service for member Bill Shantz. The service was a wonderful show of support to Bill’s family and was attended in person by Rotarians, friends and colleagues, as well as virtually by approximately 12 guests thanks to a live stream on Facebook hosted by the Westerville Bible Church.
  • Joe Patchen, as chair of the Speakers Committee, announced once again that his committee is seeking more members. We were reminded that the virtual format allows for speakers to present from literally anywhere, so we should all be thinking about who we know and/or who we would like to hear from.
Joe then introduced his colleague and friend, Eric Wittenberg, as our speaker. Eric is a lawyer with Cook, Sladoje and Wittenberg, where he heads the business litigation practice.  He also happens to be an award-winning Civil War historian. He has published 22 books on the Civil War as well as over three dozen articles on the subject in national magazine.

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Dominican Republic Clinic Project

Thursday, August 6, 2020 By: David D. Kittredge

The Dublin-Worthington Rotary Club has been working collaboratively with our Twin Club in Santiago, The Santiago de Los Caballeros Rotary Club, for almost 20 years, in support of the Barrio Lindo Medical/Dental Clinic. The clinic is a government funded first level Primary Care Clinic, serving Barrio Lindo and neighboring Barrios, with a population of approximately 10,000 families.

Government Funding beyond that needed to provide essential staff has been minimal and sporadic. Over the years our two Twin Clubs have served as a source of back-up funding to cover essential services the government was unwilling, unable, or slow in providing. Most notable was a clinic building, now owned by the local Rotary Club for the sole use of the community and the clinic. In total, funding in excess of $100,000 from club funds, private contributions, and both District and RI Grants, have been raised in support of the clinic.

Our most recent project resulted from a recent draught that hit the DR in the middle of the current Pandemic. It threatened to shut down the clinic at a time when it was critically needed by the community. The city had both reduced the water pressure in the system, and gone to rationing where water was only available on certain days. To assure enough water to stay open, the clinic needed to install an auxiliary pump, and roof top storage tank. The cost of these was $589. The local club had no funds available, but one of their members pledged $175, and asked if our club would pick up the remaining $414. The need was immediate if the clinic was to stay open. International Committee Leadership immediately agreed, further agreeing to take cash on deposit with the Santiago club, previously approved for a video, be so work could begin immediately.

Mission Accomplished – Rotary in Action!



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