Club Service

Service to the club makes our organization strong and more effective in serving others. Club service involves attending weekly meetings, sponsoring new members, participating in club fellowship, taking part in programs, serving on committees and on the club’s board of directors, and representing the club in outside activities. All members are encouraged to be involved in club service.

Club service is generally conducted through committee work. The committees and chairpersons for 2020-2021 are indicated below.

  • Membership Committee, Alan H Grossman, Chairperson
    Key Areas: Membership development/recruitment, orientation, retention and
    club mentoring.
  • Ways and Means Committee, Dave Jordan, Chairperson
    Key Area: Develops and oversees the fund-raising efforts of the club.
      Rotary Fourth of July Family Picnic Committee, Stephen Payerle, Chairperson
      Poinsettia Sale Committee, Dick Ollila, Chairperson
      Silent Auction Committee at Holiday Party, Shirley Lambert, Chairperson
      Sponsorship Drawing Committee, Stephen Payerle, Chairperson
  • Public Image and Communications Committee, Stephen Payerle, Chairperson,
    Key Areas: Informs members and the community about the organization, its service projects and accomplishments of the club and its members. Maintains the club’s website and social media channels with the website serving as a communications channel and as a tool in the management and administration of the organization.
  • Social/Fellowship Committee, Connie Hendren and John Butterfield, Co-Chairpersons
    Key Areas: Plan social activities to assist members in developing strong relationships with fellow members and their families.
  • Program Committee, Jim Farmer, Chairperson
    Key Areas: Identify and schedule speakers for club meetings.
  • Cashier Committee, Larry Caldwell, Chairperson
    Key Areas: To check in members and guests and handle financial transactions at club meetings.
  • Greeters Committee, Connie Hendren, Chairperson
    Key Areas: Arrange for greeters at each meeting and to be responsible for all meeting setup activities, including the flag, signage, microphone and badges.
  • Invocation Committee, Tim Moats, Chairperson
    Key Areas: Arrange for members to offer the invocation at each meeting.
  • Raffle Committee, Bonnie Mitchell, Chairperson
    Key Areas: To collect money for the weekly raffle and oversee selection of weekly and grand prize winners.
  • Sergeant at Arms Committee, Phil Giessler, Master Sergeant
    Key Areas: Raises money for social activities through fines collected at weekly meetings. The goal is to build the club’s fellowship and celebrate the achievements of members and/or their family members in a supportive and fun manner.
  • Awards and Member Recognition Committee
    Key Areas: Develop creative ways to recognize members for their contributions and support of the club.
  • Service to Members and Families Committee
    Tom Rice and Judy and Pete Barnhart, Co-Chairpersons
    Key Areas: Responsible for learning about special events in the lives of members, informing the club and taking appropriate action on behalf of the club with the member or his or her family members. The committee will also seek to promote the inclusion of families into Rotary activities.
  • Rotary International Foundation Committee, Rich Goldberg, Chairperson
    Key Areas: Paul Harris Fellowships.
  • Strategic Planning, Jim Miller, Chairperson
    Key Areas: Assist the board in planning for the future of the organization and assessing performance in reaching goals.



We meet on Wednesdays.
First and Second, 7:30-8:45 a.m.
Third and Fourth, noon-1:15 p.m.

Currently we are meeting on Zoom and our in-person location changes.
If you are interested in attending, please fill-out our contact form.

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