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June 16, 2021: Hybrid meeting

Friday, June 18, 2021 By: Tara Burchett-Maxwell
This was the 41st meeting of the 46th year of the Dublin-Worthington Rotary Club.

There were a tremendous amount of "Happy Dollars" this week so I am sorry if I missed anyones and/or missed who announced it.
1. There was a happy dollar because things are getting back to normal again.
2. There were 2 happy dollars for a golf trip to Michigan with 7 other Worthington High School graduates and for the fact that they got older but the immaturity will last forever. 
3. Alan Zink gave $20 happy dollars! He celebrated his 83rd birthday. Happy Birthday, Alan! His house has been listed after 35 years, he has been a member of Rotary for 39 years, and the remainder are for any fines that he has missed.
4. Jerry Katz is giving $5 to make up for some of Alan's money going into the Foundation.
5. Darnell Perkins is happy that the 3 scholarship winners and their families were able to attend.
6. Katie McCartney is back from her trip to Wyoming and survived. 
7. Tim Shear is happy the the Mongolia Club is currently ahead of the curve for a joint club meeting in October.
8. Jim Miller is happy to be rounding out his Presidency and handing over the reins. 

Dublin Scholarship Awards:
Darnell Perkins introduced each winner and their guests. He then read a statement about the winners and each gave a short speech. The winners are:
1. Olivia  who will attend The Ohio State University
2. Kurt  who will also attend The Ohio State University
3. William who will attend Johns Hopkins University
We wish you all well and congratulations on your achievements.

To finish out the meeting, Jim Miller gave a career talk.
Jim has had 6 careers in his lifetime. They include a landscaper, restaurant manager, chemist, director and service clinician, an administrator, and a foster parent.
At age 9 Jim helped with the family business as a landscaper. His dad always told him that,"I don't care what you become as long as you be the best at whatever you choose to be.". 
In the restaurant business he learned that when a customer/employee says there is a problem, that there is a problem even if you don't see it. Working at Huck House was the best worst job for Jim. He helped write policy/procedures. This taught preparation becuase he had to be ready for what might happen. 
Careers like these teach the value of luck, preparation, and teamwork. Teamwork, like when he did research as a chemist with 5 others for Sickle Cell Anemia, creates impact. 
People between the ages of 18-54 average 12 jobs in their lifetime. The last person to hire Jim said he hired him because of the value of his varied learning experiences in different areas along with his ability for creativity. Jim believes in the power of luck, preparation, impact, and the basic lesson of the balance of team spirit. 

Enjoy the meeting with this link: https://youtu.be/bwykJOZznfs and the photos of the scholarship winners are below. 


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