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May 12, 2021: Hybrid meeting

Wednesday, May 12, 2021 By: Tara Burchett-Maxwell
This was the 36th meeting of the 46th year of the Dublin-Worthington Rotary Club.

Phil Giessler collected "Happy Dollars".
1. Phil says anyone that is not in central Ohio owes one happy dollar. 
2. David Kittredge has returned for the summer from his travels after dropping their boat in GA for repairs.
3. Sue Coady has 2 happy dollars. It is George's 84th birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GEORGE! Sue has returned from her trip to CA. She had a wonderful Mother's Day.
4. Alan Zink was happy to hear the speaker today because he went to school with Mollie's grandmother, grandfather, and uncle. He also recieved his Ensign Bars 59 years ago in FL.
5. Tim Shear was happy to see Mick Box on the call since he is in KY. Mick has a new grandchild in KY. 
6. Happy Dollars were given by various people to celebrate graduates of kindergarten, high school, and/or college.
A. Roe Mauro: Her granddaugther, Colette, is graduating from Kindergarten.
B. Tara Maxwell: Her youngest daugher, Harper, is graduating from Kindergarten. 
C. John Butterfield's grandson, Noah, is graduating from Thomas Worthington High School. 
D. David  Hanson's great-granddaughter, Josephine, is graduating from John F Kennedy High School in Berlin and then coming to stay with them this summer. She will attend Case Western this fall.
E. Jim Miller's grandson, Austin, is graduating from Dublin.
Congratulations to all! 

1. Tech and/or Zoom savvy? Steve Payerle is looking for a few individuals to take over the Zoom recording of the meetings. Please reach out to Steve if you are able to help.
2. Dave Jordan, Chair of the Ways and Means Committee, announced that the committee is planning a Labor Day Family Picnic. Thanks to John Butterfield FC Bank will be the Presenting Sponsor. The committee is needing our club members to assist by attending the next meeting of Ways and Means Committee and volunteer for activities  associated with this event. Please let Dave or Jim know if you are interested.

Speaker Highlights:
Teresa Russell introduced her niece, Mollie Sebald: Lieutenant Junior Grade Navy F-18 Pilot. 
Mollie grew up in Ohio and graduated from Gannon University as a Mechanical Engineer. She is a 4 year letter winner/ NCAA tournement basketball player. 
Mollie loves to travel and enjoys a team atmosphere so the U.S. Navy seemed an exciting option. 
Mollie got selected to Officer Canidate School (OCS) which she describes as an officer form of boot camp. This is a 12 week training program with Navy and Marine Drill Instructors. 
The first plane Mollie, and all, learn to fly is the T6. It is a single engine Prop aircraft that has 2000HP. Her next plane was the T45, another single engine. This is the Navy jet trainer. She did 8 months of strike fighter aviation which helped her earn the Wings of Gold in Penscola. She finished top in her class here. 
Mollie then chose to go to Virginia Beach and is now part of the Super Hornets.
Mollie flies in the back seat of the aircraft as a weapon systems operator. She compared it to Goose from Top Gun and said the transition from a single engine to a double engine was quite a change. Once you have earned your wings you spend a year training and learning to fly your particular aircraft. 
There are currently 3 females in her squadron.
Thank you for your service, Mollie!

Enjoy a recording of the meeting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqcEu8Nd9Ik

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