Posted by Dave Hansen on Feb 05, 2018
I had the pleasure of accompanying my wife, Aida, in Veracruz last week at our "second home" located in this Mexican port city.  While there I had the opportunity to attend a dinner meeting of the Rotary Club of Veracruz.  Founded in 1922, it is one of the oldest clubs in Mexico.  The club is very active socially and is currently developing a number of projects in the local community.  They hope to undertake 20 more significant projects prior to celebrating their 100th anniversary several years hence.  They kindly provided me with their club banners.  I promised to give them our club banner during our next visit.
A major focus of their activity is working with the disabled.  They support a shop in which they repair wheel chairs for the disabled, the work being done principally is for folks who use wheel chairs.  They also support other shops where the disabled make shoes, sandals, and knit clothing for sale.  Below you will find some photos showing their "Paul Harris Taller." I hope that it might be possible for other members of our Dublin-Worthington Rotary Club to accompany me on my next visit to Veracruz.  It would be an opportunity to interact with members of this club.  Aida and I can offer free bed and breakfast at our residence.