Nov 01, 2017
Crystal Ward Allen
The Opioid Epidemic and it’s impact on the Ohio Child and Family Services System in Ohio

The Opioid epidemic has hit Ohio hard with a tremendous increase in children entering foster care and has extremely taxed the resources of those assisting these families. Find out how the State of Ohio, county agencies and local child caring agencies are responding to this crisis and how the Casey Family Programs is assisting in these efforts.


Crystal Ward Allen, MSW, LSW

Senior Dir - Strategic Consulting

Casey Family Programs


Crystal has been with Casey Family Programs since spring of 2014, after 24 years working with the child welfare system in Ohio, as well as early years as a juvenile probation counselor in Appalachia, VA; adolescent group care in Pittsburgh, PA; and child welfare in suburban Minnesota.  She is a Va. Tech Hokie as well as an OSU Buckeye, loves to ride her bike, hike and enjoy music - but most importantly she has two amazing adult children.  Crystal is passionate about ensuring every child and youth has someone that is unconditionally crazy about them - thus, strengthening families is a must.