Succeed: Helping primary parents through peer support
May 09, 2018 7:30 AM
Karen Ezirim
Succeed: Helping primary parents through peer support

Succeed is an innovative program that has been adapted by seven major counties in Ohio. This program helps parents who have children in the child welfare system, become successful, and effective parents. It is based on peers (other primary parents who have completed their journey by closing their case) leading peer support groups to provide hope, support, and empowerment to become effective, caring parents.


Karen Ezirim:

Karen Ezirim is a woman whose life story exemplifies the power of faith and hope in changing lives and overcoming trauma and adversity. This mother of 10 beautiful children survived generational addiction, physical and sexual abuse, the loss of her children within the child welfare system, and years of struggle with her own addictions.

Completing her 13 .year in recovery from her addictions, she is a fierce advocate for her children, and a mentor and coach for other families faced with trauma, loss and addictions.

Karen has survived and thrived despite her traumatic past. She is now active in serving others by her community involvement as the Chair of the Ohio Primary Parent Advisory Board for 4 years, Co-Chair of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services HOPE(Helping Others Parent Effectively) , a Board member of The Ohio Family Care Association, one of the authors of the Succeed Training Manual and serves as a contractor for the Succeed program. Karen is a certified Peer Support Specialist and is a recipient of an Obama volunteer of the year award.

Jim Miller:

Member of the Dublin-Worthington Rotary Club, prior CEO of the Village network, Vice President of the Ohio Family Care Association, Chair of the Succeed Steering Committee and one of the authors of the Succeed training manual.