Nov 15, 2017
Vivian Harvey
Guatemala: Observations after thirty years of visiting and living in the land of the Maya


Vivian Harvey is employed by the Cemanáhuac Educational Community in Mexico, where she is the Educational Programs Coordinator.  Prior to this position, she was the Assistant Dean in the College of Human Ecology at The Ohio State University for 14 years and taught child development and family studies. 

Here first trip to Guatemala was in 1987, preparing for an educational travel program for OSU students.  Since then she has returned to the country every year, now spending three months in the village of Panajachel, one of 12 mostly-Mayan villages which surround Lake Atitlan.  While in Guatemala, she has volunteered with preschool and elementary education programs in several villages and has worked closely with women’s weaving and embroidery groups, as well as with social service programs benefiting Mayan families.

She has also led many educational travel programs to Guatemala for Interhostel and other adult groups, often with a focus on the rich textile tradition in the villages of the country.

Her educational background includes a degree in education from the University of Michigan, and two graduate degrees from The Ohio State University, one in early childhood education and the other in family studies.


Prior to joining the Rotary e-club of Lake Atitlan three years ago, her only association with Rotary was as a high school student in a small town in western New York State, where she grew up, serving dinner to the all-male Rotary Club members in her town. Her primary responsibility with the Rotary in Panajachel is as editor of the monthly newsletter.