Posted on May 30, 2017

Hello Dublin Worthington Rotary members!

It is Anna Farrell, one of last year's scholarship recipients and I am just writing to give you an update on everything I've been doing and once again thank you for your generous donation to my education. I am sorry that I am unable to attend the June 7th meeting to thank you in person. I am taking Physics 1 and 2 over the summer here in Columbus so unfortunately that takes up my afternoons. 

I have declared a Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology major here at Emory University and am loving all of my classes. I have also declared a major in English after falling in love with my poetry class. I am so happy that I am at a liberal arts school where I can take advantage of strong humanities and science departments. I am continuing on the pre-med track but am keeping an open mind. Recently I've been investigating scientific writing/public health communications as another interest. I am on the hunt this summer for shadowing opportunities in the health field.  I am also reaching out to several research laboratories so hopefully next semester I will be able to participate in that and gain more experience!

This interest is partly due to my time spent as a freshman exec board member for the Emory Undergraduate Medical Review (EUMR) where I get to write articles about medicine and medical research. With EUMR, my friend and I have developed an event about the importance of the humanities in disability medicine! This was a huge endeavor and got quite a bit of attention from the school: I've attached an article below. It was a conference sprinkled with performances all pertaining to the importance of the humanities and how medicine should be treated with an interdisciplinary mindset, specifically in the field of disability medicine. We had MD/PhD students, faculty, and students all apart of the program and it turned out well, especially considering it was a pilot program. I hope to continue planning medical humanities events and with my friend may be chartering a separate club with this specific goal.


I also have joined an acapella group- a novel experience for me that has been surprising a really wonderful stress release from schoolwork. I've become closely connected to the Emory Catholic Center, and with that strong foundation immediately felt at home on campus. I also joined a Volunteer Administrative group called Volunteer Emory where I will be helping plan "Alternative Fall and Spring Breaks" for students to go out and serve communities while delving into a social justice issue they are passionate about helping with. I've also been loving volunteering with Emory's very own chemistry club (ChEmory). 

I know this sounds like a chronic case of over commitment but I assure you that my studies have been coming first! I cannot thank you enough for your generous scholarship that has allowed me to pursue all of these incredible opportunities. Also I will be home for the summer so if there are service projects you help with I would love to give back! Please let me know how I may stay up to date on volunteering activities that I can participate with. 


Anna Farrell