The Primary Question of Globalization
Apr 04, 2018 7:30 AM
J. R. Klein
The Primary Question of Globalization

J.R. Global is dedicated to strengthening local markets by expanding people’s access through
system change.

The world is reshaping rapidly. It is being redefined by geopolitics, emergence of economic powers, disruptions in business, market volatility, and the speed of innovation driven by technology. Roles are changing. Leaders are expected to learn, unlearn, and relearn at a frantic pace. Organizations and companies must adapt to changing environment effortlessly. In the midst of growing international interconnectivity, J.R. Global presents a straightforward and understandable framing of trends and facilitates thinking that demystify the social, economic, and cultural impacts of change. We help business to simplify complexities, identify problems, and structure useable solutions.

J.R. Global focuses on major issues of access in the overarching domains of water, energy,
education, and health. Our strategy is to help you think through issues and find solutions, learn about cutting edge global trends and their local effects, add value to your business by partnering with you toward specific goals, and
analyze, strategize, and build communication channels to stay relevant, and competitive